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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Services for the Healthy Development of Your Child’s Smile  

Dental care for children is especially important. Diligent oral health habits formed in childhood help set the tone for the future, ensuring many years of strong teeth and gums.

At Greenwich Dental, our child-friendly dentist, Dr. Judith Cordero, strongly encourages parents or guardians to bring in their young ones to our office as soon as their first tooth erupts. Bringing children into the dental office when they are very young helps them feel more secure by familiarizing them with our office and staff, creating a strong foundation for optimal oral health.  

Our Child-Friendly Dental Care Services

Early prevention is a key element to maintaining a healthy smile, and our team welcomes the opportunity to educate patients and parents about how to take care of their teeth. Greenwich Dental offers highly personalized treatments for your child, including:

First Visits – We understand that first impressions are everything, and during the first visit, our team establishes a welcoming environment where your child feels safe and comfortable. These initial visits center around getting to know Dr. Judith and her staff and becoming familiar with the atmosphere of a dental office.

Visual Dental Health Checks – We evaluate baby teeth and keep an ongoing record of your child’s oral health development. The goal of early preventive care is to reduce the possibility of developing decay or the need for more invasive treatments.  

Gentle Cleanings and Polishing – During routine visits to our practice, children have their teeth and gums examined, and digital x-rays will allow our team to detect any problems in the early stages. Teeth are cleaned gently, yet thoroughly and then polished with materials that encourage enamel strength. We can also add further preventive treatments like fluoride varnish, space maintainers, or nighttime mouth guards if needed.

We Help Your Child Achieve a Positive Attitude About Dental Health

At Greenwich Dental, we strive to create a worry-free environment for your child and make taking care of their teeth a fun experience. With excellent oral care habits that include bi-annual visits, your child can enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime. Call us today for more information or to schedule a visit. 


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